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  Eliot a écrit, le 18/04/2013 à 17H57 :
  No matther what happen in Life , choose be good ! Choose love ! Choose hapiness and See the difference . It's not a easy choice ! But it's a Healtfhy choice !
  Lilah a écrit, le 18/04/2013 à 17H51 :
  My solution is: Enjoy my relationship with my bestfriend slash / forgive and forget us. It's They choice. They do not Love me! It's my choice. I need forgive and forget for my Joy live with my best friend for this moment. I think it is a healthy choice! But it is difficult for me. I'm soo sad! Goal respect and Love is my solution!
  Eliot a écrit, le 18/04/2013 à 17H41 :
  Lilah, Do not be Insecure girl, no mather what people say. They do not like you... Ok! Now what about your attitude? You like your Bestfriend. She Have No compation position for you. Find your solution ... Like enjoy love with your best frend and choice They forgive and forget attitude. Or split with her!

The issue His, What it's your health solution for you and each other '?
  Lilah a écrit, le 18/04/2013 à 16H49 :
  Also, soon it's birthay is her and i do not have a joy in my hart! I talk with her. She sad I'm not a good person and I'm crazy.
  Lilah a écrit, le 18/04/2013 à 16H45 :
  I'm furious with my bestfriend Because, she love many people who do not like me.
  Eliot a écrit, le 18/04/2013 à 16H35 :
  Assia i feel sad for you. It's just a classy history in life. You love him, he love you not. Many human experience this situation. Also, many humans live a bad romance. And, many people are single and happy. Many human They make many choice in life. Yes, you have good idea. First: Respect Him! That's the good way. Congratulation! It's not easy goal you have-nots choice for this part!

Second: You say the Society love good picture! Is true! Goal what about you girl. You sad Because he do not love you. But .... Can you be him feel bad about ... ? Forget the Society idea! You .... .. Do you love your image! That's the question! if the answer is no. That's the problem!

This men is simply a reflection of what you think of yourself. He is a character in this clycle of your life. This is why you stress to the situation. You clearly voice what you think of you in his eyes. It's scary.

Now, You have choices to make. If you love him, i hope you Have a relection about that. Because, if Good was a plan of love for him and you, you would not be sad at the moment.

Also, do not be angry against this man. Feel sorry for you. Because you do not think love is for you ... you around you people who think the same thing. You can not ask a man to take your responsibility...............
  Eliot a écrit, le 18/04/2013 à 15H53 :
  Assia, you say the society like good looking!
  Assia a écrit, le 18/04/2013 à 15H48 :
  I love this men. He does not like me. I respect his choice and limitations. I feel sad. Usually i live my life for eatch other. What they need, what They Want and i help people. I think my heart give me men in my life. The Society aims a good picture. This is the jungle life!
  booterflyye a écrit, le 22/03/2013 à 04H32 :
  boterflii a écrit, le 15/03/2013 à 01H58 :
  soulion a écrit, le 10/03/2013 à 07H23 :!/photo.php?v=498401173528422&set=vb.335248206510387&type=2&theater
  Goinlife a écrit, le 04/03/2013 à 18H14 :!/photo.php?v=10200822890277576&set=vb.107807789355746&type=2&theater
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